A letter from a customer…

Greg's Septic System saved us from having no septic system at all during the harsh, never-ending winter of 2015. We began to have problems in late December and our regular septic system company came out and analyzed the problem: that our system was frozen up. They said we needed to wait for the system to thaw. After a few weeks of deteriorating weather and using our system as little as possible (getting my hair washed at a beauty parlor, using paper plates, "bathing" in our hot tub) we thought there must be SOME way to get this fixed without waiting for a spring thaw.
We called Greg's Septic System and they quickly showed up and FIXED the problem, digging up our yard (judiciously with the help of our septic system plans) till they found where things were frozen and cleared it out. What a relief! We had a consult this spring to see what we should do to make sure we never had the freezing problem again and we, with Greg, decided that we were going to just "wait and see" because we'd never had a problem for 16 years and maybe it was just the cold, cold winter we had had.
He could have sold us anything at that point but most importantly, he sold us his trust.

Merrie and Bob Warner

Septic System Design, Installation & Repair in Seacoast, New Hampshire

http://gregssepticservice.com/index.htmlFor professional and affordable septic tank pumping, look no further than Greg’s Septic Service in Stratham, New Hampshire,

Septic System Design

With our septic system designing services, we design custom septic systems for commercial, residential, and industrial spaces. Once your design is complete, we will implement it into formal site plans and meet with local officials to obtain all necessary building and installation permits. With this, we also provide complete excavation, restoration, and covering services.

Septic Tank Installation

We offer complete installation services for septic systems and leach fields. Before beginning the installation process, we’ll meet with you to determine a service date, and create blue prints of your tank and property. We’ll meet with city officials to review these prints and follow with the installation process.

Septic System Inspections

Using a state-of-the-art video camera, we perform state-certified septic system inspections. During the inspection process, we’ll send our video camera down through the pipes of your system to ensure proper operations, while identifying any clogging or cracking within your system.Septic Tank Repairs
We provide full-service repairs to correct a wide variety of issues with your tank, including:

  • Back Flowing
  • System Failures
  • Pump Failures
  • Clogged Lines
  • Frozen Lines
  • High-Pressure Jetting

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