A customer comment about us

Greg's Septic Service is the best company I have had the opportunity to work with in a LONG time. They state customer service and guaranteed satisfaction and they exemplify this concept in every sense of the word. Greg and his family have never let us down. From site design and installation to emergency situations to routine maintenance the service has been impeccable, professional and of the highest quality. If you are looking for anything related to septic services, save yourself time and aggravation. Stop looking and call Greg, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. P Graves

A letter from a customer…

Greg's Septic System saved us from having no septic system at all during the harsh, never-ending winter of 2015. We began to have problems in late December and our regular septic system company came out and analyzed the problem: that our system was frozen up. They said we needed to wait for the system to thaw. After a few weeks of deteriorating weather and using our system as little as possible (getting my hair washed at a beauty parlor, using paper plates, "bathing" in our hot tub) we thought there must be SOME way to get this fixed without waiting for a spring thaw.
We called Greg's Septic System and they quickly showed up and FIXED the problem, digging up our yard (judiciously with the help of our septic system plans) till they found where things were frozen and cleared it out. What a relief! We had a consult this spring to see what we should do to make sure we never had the freezing problem again and we, with Greg, decided that we were going to just "wait and see" because we'd never had a problem for 16 years and maybe it was just the cold, cold winter we had had.
He could have sold us anything at that point but most importantly, he sold us his trust.

Merrie and Bob Warner

Customer comments….

Thank you for quick and quality work under weather conditions that were less than comfortable. Mark

A Satisfied Customer said

Greg and his team have exceeded my expectations in every way. As a business owner and consumer, I look for a company that is professional, shows up on time, takes the care to do the job right the first time, is easy to work with and delivers beyond my expectations. Greg Blood has been a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend. M Golden

Septic Tank Pumping in Seacoast New Hampshire

For professional and affordable septic tank pumping, look no further than Greg’s Septic Service in Stratham, New Hampshire.
Without digging a hole, our team can locate your in-ground septic system tank quickly and easily. We’ll arrive to your location within 24 hours of contact, and complete your entire septic tank pumping project within 45 minutes.For your convenience, we also offer affordable sewage pump installation services. Please note: pricing and completion time varies depending upon the size and severity of your septic system issues.

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